Professional Firearms Safety Training


  • Need to demonstrate to Police, landowners etc. your ability to shoot rifles safely over land?
  • Want to start .22 quarry-shooting from scratch and need to evidence that you are safe?
  • Want to hone your marksmanship skills?
  • Want to prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime overseas hunting trip?


  • Get the best and most relevant firearms training tailored to satisfy your requirement by taking one of our unique courses.


  • Instruction only by MoD and Police nationally qualified firearms instructors
  • Exclusive courses written and delivered
    to National Qualification Standards
  • Police approved

Shooting over land calls for even greater emphasis on safety than on a rifle range.

Unlike a range, there is no easily identified backstop to catch the bullet; no clearly written rules or range control officer to explain and enforce them and no red flags and warning notices to keep unauthorised people away. It’s all down to the judgment of the shooter.
Factors in this unregulated environment can create a situation where the safety of the public is an issue and the hazard is the shooter on the land. The risks are real and potentially catastrophic but the application of training via sensible and documented control measures can substantially reduce them to an acceptable level.
Responsible shooters will want to ensure they have the knowledge to exercise the judgment and competence required: Police Forces will insist on it.