Professional Firearms Safety Training


Our modular courses address the needs of sporting rifle shooters at every level.

Whatever your experience, from the very beginner intending to buy your first .22, to the holder of a centre-fire FAC wanting to prove that you are competent to shoot unaccompanied over land with an open certificate, we can provide the appropriate training to suit you.We offer  a precision short-range (to 300 metres) centrefire rifle course for those wanting to optimise their marksmanship.And our preparatory course, for those intending to hunt dangerous game overseas, is delivered by our own RSA-qualified professional hunter.

Having  passed one of our courses, you will :

  • Understand safe-handling rules
  • Be able to demonstrate safe firearm handling procedures
  • Know how to carry a rifle in different environments
  • Understand risk assessments
  • Be able to perform basic and dynamic risk assessments
  • Be able to use maps, plans and satellite photos
  • Be able to prepare a land survey document
  • Know how to walk over land to assess its safety for shooting
  • Know the theory of rifle ballistics
  • Be able to demonstrate the principles of accurate shooting
  • And be able to zero a rifle with optical open sights

* depending on the course you select

All courses are specific to requirement but please note that we do not teach quarry-related matters such as gralloching,  carcase handling and deer identification.