Professional Firearms Safety Training

Precision Short Range Rifle

Precision Short Range Rifle

Course duration: 2 days

Precision Short Range Rifle Course
Eligible candidates: FAC holder with own telescopic sighted rifle. You should expect to shoot around 100 rounds per day.
Course content:

  • Safety rules refresher
  • Basic ballistics, bore sighting and setting up the rifle
  • Scope adjustments for elevation and windage
  • Effects of wind and weather
  • Basic marksmanship refresher
  • Check zero at 100 yards
  • Improvised shooting positions at 1-300 yards
  • Snap and moving targets at 1 and 200 yards
  • Certification shoot

This day long course is ‘hands on’ and is best done as a group but can be designed for individual tuition if required. The content is flexible but you will be given the opportunity to have a go at the 20 round certification shoot which features shooting at 100 -300 yards using improvised shooting positions and variable targets. Longer distance shooting instruction can be included or specified depending on the customer requirement. All of our instructors are experienced in teaching marksmanship skills at extended ranges.   image