Professional Firearms Safety Training

Preparation for Hunting Overseas

Preparation for Hunting Overseas

This is a one day course which will prepare you for your trip to  Europe, Africa or beyond.

Our Instructor is a veteran of many trips to Africa and is also a qualified South African Professional Hunter. The course content is:

  • What to expect, a brief guide to species and hunting areas
  • Preparing your equipment, calibre choice, clothing and other essentials
  • Documentation required. How to fill in the forms and what to expect at the airport.
  • Check zeroing. Ensuring that you can check the zero your rifle quickly and efficiently, with minimum ammunition wastage, and from the shooting position that you may use
  • Shooting from sticks at longer range. An essential skill that will ensure your confidence
  • Question and answer session
wild boar 1
Competitively priced this course is based at Bisley and is best done in a groups of 4, 6, or 8  but can be delivered to individuals or smaller groups.

A further day’s coached shooting practice – with quarry relevant calibres – is available at extra cost.

We can also provide training for shooters who are intending to shoot at moving targets (running game).