Professional Firearms Safety Training



How is Safeshot training different from DSC1?

The Safeshot course has 20 contact-hours that deal solely with rifle safety handling, risk assessment and land-survey.  It is not quarry-specific so the time spent learning and being assessed relates directly to your ability to make judgments about any shot you may take. 

What experience have your instructors got?

All of our instructors on the Safeshot course are either nationally qualified Police or MoD firearms instructors who are experienced in shooting over land and are operationally competent in the subject being delivered.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you will need to be over 17 years old.

Do I need a firearms certificate?

You will for most courses but not, for example, those only involving .22 rimfire calibre rifle.

What about insurance?

You will need appropriate third-part liability cover although Safeshot is fully insured for its activities.

I’m worried about the assessment process:  what happens?

Above all remember that we’re there to help you achieve your goal.  Key to this is a friendly approach and we will, of course, take your learning needs into account in the way assessments are set.

The Safeshot course requires you to pass a number of assessments.  These are:

  • Safe rifle-handling ( 2 practicals)
  • Written exam (in multi-choice format)
  • Land survey (practical and written project)

If you are unsuccessful in one of the elements you will be allowed to take it again at no extra cost.

If I pass, what happens then?

You will receive a certificate issued by Safeshot and copies of your assessment documentation that you can present to Police, your insurer, landowner(s) etc as evidence of your competence to shoot safely over land.